Our wedding packages range from an all inclusive retreat to a Do-It-Yourself wedding on a budget and everything in-between!


(DIY) Venue Rental Only - You Do Everything Youself

Saturday Price $5,500

$1,500 off Friday & $2,500 off Sunday

  • 30 minute Rehearsal on Thursday of wedding week
  • Guest arrival 30 minutes prior to walk time
  • Some Vintage Decor
  • Farm style head table seats up to 26
  • Use of our large Bride’s refrigerator & 2 – 8 ft bars
  • 39 Round Tables and 250 chairs Inside & 200 Chairs At Chapel (Need More? Rent Them From An Outside Source)
  • What You Do Not Get
  • Upper House: bride & Ladies Hair/Make-up (Up To 3 Hours)
  • Set up for chapel & tables and chairs inside barn
  • Linens
  • Head table runner
  • Soft drinks starting after chapel & until the music stops
  • BBQ Food Buffet & Assorted Desserts on a Farm table
  • Staff to empty trash during and after event

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Inclusive-Add-on-Options – Click to View


● “Randy’s smoked pork “melts in your mouth.””
● Rotisserie, pulled chicken/buns/rolls.
● Colorful, tasty, healthy, and quality food, and disposable dinnerware.
● Potato – red skin roasted is a favorite!
● Greek salad
● Choice of cold dish: fruit mix or tomato fiesta
● A baked or green bean, & condiments all presented with Vintage flair by our team!


Example Schedule

●  1:30 pm Bride gets ready in Upper House
●  4:00 pm Guest Arrival
●  4:30 to 5pm Ceremony
●  5:00 pm to 6:00 pm Pictures
●  6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Reception (need more Venue time $375/per .5 hour)

DIY-Add-On-options – Click to View

Pricing for DIY
Friday $4,000 Saturday $5,500 Sunday $3,000, plus sales taxes

You provide: Set-up, clean-up, Decorations, etc.

Patio heaters are an option at $50 each.

We return security deposits on large events the following week after our “How Did We Do?” form is turned in. Link below:

How did we do?


You are invited to sign the wedding bench with your sharpie / marker!


Example Schedule
(can be changed)

4pm Guest Arrival
4:30 to 5pm Ceremony
5 to 6pm Pictures
6 to 10 pm Reception (need more Venue time $375/per .5 hour)

Interested in grabbing a date and filling out a contract?

Allow 1.5 hour for walk through and fill out contract.
Please print out contract & options prior to appointment.
Typical down payment of $1,500. Option for $750 to save date and additonal $750 due within 30 days of booking.
Appointment Days: Tuesday or Wednesday 3pm – 7pm

Links to documents

Reccommendations and Disclaimers
Add On Options
Rehearsal Night Reminders
What Is Expected For A DIY Event

●  Using your minister rehearsal day can be Wednesday
● Saturday & Sunday Brides have option of same day event
●  NOTE: We reserve Fri.-Sun. for our weddings
● First bride to book gets choice of optional rehearsal space
● Start Time are: 6pm, 6:30pm, or 7pm
●  Available places to stay and eat: deck or inside barn
● No food is included that night by us.
● Thurs rehearsals share venue with other practicing brides
● Using Optional Rehearsal Space- What Should I bring?
● Table Covers, Soapy Spray Bottle, Towels, Trash bags
● Food, Drinks, Ice (deck has vintage Coke cooler)
● Friday brides can set up after they practice
● PLEASE breakdown and burn all cardboard in bonfire!
● Throw garbage in left dumpster
● Throw bottles/cans in right dumpster (yellow lid)
● No Alcohol Sold here (bring your own)
● We reserve Friday – Sunday for events and weddings
● Going down the aisle no silk petals, only fresh
● Due to insurance purposes we prefer you use our In-House DJ & Bar Services
● Exceptions: If you’re getting a band
● Weather Disclaimer: The barn is not insulated. Temperatures can vary.
● Close doors keep wind out
● We offer optional patio heaters
● Light rain – covered Chapel goes on as normal
● Windy, stormy – barn dance floor ceremony
● Not responsible for any lost items
● Lost and found is at the bar
● Hot weather – fans placed throughout barn
● The floor is small white gravel. Dust is minimal.